Below are a few pictures from my vivariums. Currently I have a 65 (the old reef tank) a 37 and am in the process of setting up a 150. Inhabitants include 2 Dendrobates azureus, 3 Phyllobates aurotaena that sing all day (one day I will get a picture of them!), and 3 nocturnal monkey frogs, Phyllomedusa tomopturna. Also there are tons of orchids, bromeliads, ferns etc.

D. azureus:

P. Tomopturna:

Cisweinfia pusilla:
This is one of the small "botanical" orchids that blooms well in a vivarium. This is in the 37 under pc flourescent lights. From

Here is an orchid from Ames, a cheap department store. Costs about $2.00 in a tiny one inch pot. Grew nicely and bloomed under 1 pc bulb.

Here is the 150 (60x24x24 inches) freshly planted. The background is metal mesh on a wood frame, filled with coconut husks. In a few months it should be covered with vegetation. There is a large pond on the right. Water return from the sump is plumbed up through the bottom of the tank and is split in two: one line feeds into the big hollow log and empties into the pond; the other leads to a creek lined with fiberglass on a wire frame. The creek runs from the laft side across the front of the tank and also drains into the pond. It is lined with moss.

Numerous orchids, ferns, bromeliads and selaginella. The tree on the left is a Ficus partially trained as a bonsai.

Lighting is 2 250W 6500K Iwasaki metal halides.

How it looks 3 years later (Sept 04), in need of a trim:

As it was first set up:


Finally got a shot of the elusive Phyllobates aurotaena: